USB Orchestra

USB Orchestra are a post-punk experimental rock group formed in 2005. The band features a revolving line-up with multi-instrumentalist / singer Justin Scott Gray being the only consistent member (à la NIN).

Current/past contributors include:
Andrew Borek, b.burroughs, Burke Cameron, Drew Barnet, Jay Olsen, Leveson Cocarell, Nick Haze, Phil Baljeu, Tyler Manzon.

  • Country of Origin: CANADA

    "For everyone who enjoys copious amounts of loud guitars and dark, ominous lyrics that are saying just what you’re all thinking"

    Chris Owens NME

    "‘Embed’ is one of these tracks that should make everyone excited about music again, melting pop in extremity of new nasty sounds that are nicely fitted for entertaining shock value."

    Kai Nobuko (Toxic Chicken) Yeah I Know It Sucks