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Justin Scott Gray

Justin is a multi-instrumentalist, artist, and producer. He performs and records a wide range of styles and genres, including electronic, folk, rock, experimental, ambient + more.

  • Country of Origin: CANADA

    " Get somewhere comfortable, put your headphones on, and imagine a great landscape with a setting sun… "

    David Murrieta A Closer Listen

    " One would think that this kind of eclecticism would come off sounding unfocused, but in Justin Scott Gray's hands, a complementary balance is struck, and more importantly, maintained throughout... "

    " A poignant audio chronology, its lessons bound in stories hidden in the quiet yet battering liveliness of Gray's musical forecastings..."

    Josh Robinson Weird Canada

    " I take this as it comes to me, and its just what I want, and just as he says in the end "what you need is what you have". I needed that, and I got it."

    Cameron Thomson (swin deorin) Yeah I Know It Sucks